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To facilitate requests for lots 1 and 2 walking from a different perspective we have included these video links. Lot 20 was missed the first go around. Enjoy!

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Little Sioux Cattle Company Offering:

Lot #131 - J&C Ms Dew Time X904 is a PB Simmental, BD 2/18/10, ASA Reg #2547513, tattoo x904.  She is an In Dew Time daughter out of J&C Ms Trademark U904 bred by Rick Junck’s J&C Simmental.  She was A.I.’d to Broker on 4/24/18.

Lot #132 - Juncks 45y is a PB Simmental, BD 1/30/11, ASA Reg #2584721, tattoo 45y.  She is a Triple C Invasion R47K daughter out of Juncks 45S cow which is a CNS Dream On L186 daughter.  She was A.I’d to Rockstar.

Lot #133 - GA Ginger 342A is a 1/2 blood SimmAngus, BD 1/27/13, ASA Reg #2774570, tattoo 342A.  She is a Ruby NFF Excalibur 002X daughter out of Wk Primrose 4084 from Golden Acres in Laurens, IA.  She was A.I’d to Better Believe it.

Lot #134 - Miss Manifest Hi Voltage is a PB Simmental, BD 1/31/13, ASA Reg #2761237, tattoo DC3A.  She is a SVF/NJC HighVoltage R159 daughter out of Manifest Hot Shot DC8Y from Whispering Pines Farms in Anita, IA.  She was A.I.’d to Dagger.

Lot #135 - Juncks Dixie Pride is a PB Simmental, BD 2/16/13, ASA Reg 2744443, tattoo 50A.  She is a JF American Pride 0987X daughter out of Juncks Dixie.  She was A.I.’d to Driver.

Lot #136 – Foxhovens Kintry Annie 302 is a PB Angus, BD 12/31/12, AAA Reg #17643806, tattoo 302.  She is an O’riley Factor out of Foxhovens Kintry Annie 144.  She was A.I.’d to a PB Angus named “Any ?’s”.

Lot #137 - 7450 (1) is a PB Simmental, New Design (323) cow. She was A.I’d to Relentless.

Lot #138 - 7450 (2) is a PB Simmental, Tour of Duty cow.  She was A.I’d to a PB Angus named “Any ?’s”.

Lot #139 - 20 is 1/2 blood SimmAngus, Broker daughter, her dam is Blackcap.  She was A.I’d to RSVP sexed female.

Lot #140 - 951 is a PB Simmental, Combustible daughter from Sullivan Cattle Co. of Dunlap, IA.  She was A.I.’d to Relentless.

Lot #141 - 268A is a PB Simmental, red Pilgrim daughter out of lot #132 on this sale.  She was A.I.’d to Dream Catcher.

Lot #142 - 951 heifer is a PB Simmental, her sire is Loaded Up and her dam is the Combustible daughter in lot #140 of this sale.  She was A.I.’d to Primary Candidate.

Lot #143 - the Panda faced heifer is a 3/4 Simmental, her sire is Loaded Up and her dam is the 1/2 blood Broker daughter in lot #139 of this sale.  She was pasture bred to Deal Me In.

Pasture Sires: All lots were bull exposed from 5/15/18 to 10/31/18.  They were exposed to one of two bulls.  The first being a PB Angus named “Any ?’s”.  His registration number is 18028213. He is a grandson of S A V Final Answer and Exar Lutton 1831.  The second bull is a 50% Simental named “Deal Me In”.  Deal Me In is a Steel Force grandson out of a Heat Wave daughter.

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Springer Simmental
Jeff & Lynda Springer
Cresco, IA

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