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We strive to produce cattle that offer increased profitability for their new owners.
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SPRINGER SIMMENTAL Sale of Value Based Genetics

Sale Date: February 3, 2018 Sale Location: Decorah, IA

Auctioneer: Col. Phil Schooley, Bloomfield, IA

Ringmen: Tom Rooney, Austin Brandt, Jared Ruter

ASA Representative: Bert Moore

64 Bulls Avg $4210
8 open heifers AVG $1950
11 Bred heifers Avg $2400
14 pb cows Avg 2147
7 Embryo Lots Avg $1560


$7,500 - Lot 5 - SAS Bitten E932, born 1-25-2017, sired by Erixon Bitten 203A. Beeler farms , IL

$7,500 - Lot 13 - SAS Bitten E932, born 9-27-2016, sired by Erixon Bitten 203A. Beeler farms . Il

$6,900 – Lot 1 - SAS Bitten E532, born 1-5-2017, sired by Erixon Bitten 203A. Mineral Mountain Cattle,Mike and Brandon Yardley ,Utah

$6800 - Lot 10 - SAS Bitten E208, born 1-24-2017, sired by Erixon Bitten 203A. John Wilson, Mn


$4,400 - Lot 82 - SAS Lynette 531D, born 1-24-2016, sired by Erixon Bitten 203A. Bred to DS Substance 138D Sold to Dickinson Ranch, Gorham, KS.

$3,700 - Lot 75 - SAS Sugar X207, born 1-28-2010, sired by SAS T101 Sweet Meat. Bred to Erixon Bitten 203A, Ron Vance , Mo



$1,800 - ($450 per embryo) - 113 - 4 Frozen Embryos by W/C Relentless 32C x SAS Licorice B092. Stevens Cattle co , MN



150 units Erixon Bitten avg $45
50 units sexed Renowned semen avg $50
Cattle sold into Ore , MT, WY,Utah,Ill, Mn Wisc,Mo,SD,Nd,Tx,and Ia


Sons of Erixon Bitten 203A, many from their Denver pens were very popular among the buying public with a number of bulls selling to repeat customers. These stout bulls found ready demand among the buyers in attendance and the online bidders


Scott Doyle reading pedigrees, Col. Phil Schooley, Jeff Springer

Jodee Nohner, DV Auctions had a busy day


Dickinson Simmentals - Gorham, KS (right), purchased the high-selling bred heifer

Jeff & his crew - Erica, Maddie, Erin & Alex


Lynda Springer hosted a great lunch

Paisley in Denver show

Springer Simmental
Jeff & Lynda Springer
Cresco, IA

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