Our goal is to Raise 6 frame POWER CATTLE !

Calves are born with exceptional vigor and birth weights that maximize profits with superior calving ease. 

Cattle with wide tops , huge hips, huge feet ,additional bone and huge scrotals 

We provide Excellent performance on forages for replacements, yet superior feedlot gains . 

We expect 5 lb gains and cattle that yield . Cattle yield and performance are still and will probably always be the largest profit drivers in any feedlot . Epds and genomics validate our growth and yield showing values in the top 10 to 20% of the breed . We measure feed efficiency every day by analyzing costs and profit . If they do not make a profit they ate too much and are not efficient . 

By utilizing our pb bulls in a crossbreeding program geneticists have proven maximum heterosis is achieved, maximizing the fertility , longevity and all of the necessary production parameters necessary for maximum profit in the feedlot or through selling feeders. 

You will find our females to have beautiful udders with the additional massiveness we expect and the ability to wean phenominal weaning weights on grass only . Fleshing ability follows the calves through feeder sales and through the feedlot . It is a game changer . 

Please stop in while in our area or check out our videos for our upcoming sale Feb 3rd 2024. They will be posted on DVauction.com a couple weeks prior to the sale .Or continue to watch our website Springersimmentals.com. 

Have a wonderful day !!

 Jeff Springer 641-330-6654


2014 National Western Stock Show
Pen of 5 Champion


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40 Bred Heifers & 20 Young Cows

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February 3rd, 2024

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